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Hoyt’s Crossing

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Amber Leah Ryan
Amber Leah Ryan
August 29, 2019
Another great spot to explore the South Fork of the Yuba River! It's fun right under the bridge if you want company but there are lots more great spots if you cross the bridge and follow the trail along the river.
January 04, 2019
Lovely swimming areas around and under bridge. Also the entry point to a 20 minute hike to more secluded swimming spots (my favorite included) along the Yuba River.
July 07, 2016
When people ask me why I moved to Nevada City, I respond, "To be with my teacher, the Yuba River." Hoyt's Crossing is my all time favorite spot to hike and swim naked in the majestic setting of emerald green water surrounded by granite infused with quartz crystals. Even if you don't go in the water,…
Nevada City, CA 95959